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We are very proud of our reputation and repeat custom in Cheltenham, and invite you to share feedback of your experience with us here. Some of our exisiting clientele have kindly written us personal testimonials of the Indian Brasserie over the years:

I don't remember a time before the Indian Brasserie. At nearly 20 it's been a staple part of my life, fuelling my love of food and Indian cuisine in particular. One of my first memories of the Brasserie was of my Dad's fourtieth birthday party when I was three. I have such a vivid image of the huge table of friends and family all enjoying having such fun and I know that was largely to do with the fantastic atmosphere which the staff have always worked so hard to provide.
Another fond memory I have of the Brasserie was of being about nine and choosing a dish that the waiter was worried I would fine too spicy. Though I decided I wanted to try it anyway when our meals arrived the chef had cooked an extra dish for me in case I couldn't eat the one I'd ordered. This is the kind of thing that really sets this restaurant apart from the others. Its well known that Cheltenham is fantastic for good food but the personal touch just puts the Brasserie on another level.
We've followed the growth of the 'Brasserie family' with something like pride. It's like seeing a friends success because that's what it's always been for me and my family. We've even been to some of the others but something keeps us coming back to the original. Now at university, its something I look forward to coming home for (as well as my parents of course).
Being from such a foodie family growing up I've tried all sorts of foods but for a guaranteed fantastic meal and plenty of familiar and friendly faces the Indian Brasserie has and will always be the perfect choice!
  Helen Morris

From the moment I entered the Indian Brasserie in Cheltenham I was blown away by the level of service and attentive nature of the entire staff. Despite being obviously busy, I was very impressed in seeing Mannan and Roman working their way around the room, talking with each and every guest as if they were a close friend. Upon getting to my table, I was welcomed in a charming fashion before being recommended dishes from the menu, the choice being fantastic.
We settled on a few dishes for the table, all of which were absolutely delicious, however, if hard-pushed I would have to recommend any item from the Southern Indian menu with an incredible mixture of spices and flavours!
Since my first visit, I have kept in touch with Mannan and the team, and make every effort I can to return to the hidden gem in Cheltenham that is the Indian Brasserie. I cannot recommend highly enough!
  Omid Djalili

The Brasserie has always been our favourite Indian restaurant. We have a regular Friday night takeaway but when we 'eat in' we are always greeted like long lost friends and receive a warm welcome.
The menu is varied and the food is always delicious, We have watched the Brasserie grow and develop and still the prices represent terrific value. It is not difficult to find words of praise for this great restaurant. Long may it continue to provide excellent service, superb food and friendly, charming staff.
  Dr Mike Durkin

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